Beth Orr plans Wild West Extravaganza

Line dancing, a mechanical bull and country music will be featured at Temple Beth Orr in Coral Springs at its fund raising event Wild West Country Extravaganza taking place Oct. 17 at 7 p.m.

“We are so excited about the Wild West Country Extravaganza,” said Michelle Ross, a member of Temple Beth Orr.

“We love having fun and trying new things. We had an Amazing Race fundraiser a few years ago and in April, there will be a Las Vegas Casino night.”

The Wild West Country Extravaganza will have Temple Beth Orr looking more like a country music hall than a place of worship for the event with many coming wearing country hats, skirts and other western attire.

The highlights of the evening will include live country music by the Nash Carey band with banjos and guitar, a barbecued meal and line dancing.

Another expected highlight features Rabbi Michal Loving, spiritual leader of the congregation, riding on “Firecracker,” the mechanical bull, according to Ross.

“We are expecting 150 people for the event and a country western fund raiser is a novel event,” said Ross.

Temple Beth Orr is known for taking a novel approach to its many events. The congregation is the first synagogue/temple in South Florida to have a voluntary dues structure in lieu of a traditional annual membership starting last July.

“Our goal is to offer the benefits and gratification of being part of a warm temple community as evident with this unique fund raising event. What is important is the feeling of inclusion, especially from those who previously thought they could not afford the cost of membership,” said Steve Feinstein, president of Temple Beth Orr.

Temple Beth Orr offers a variety of learning programs and social activities for age groups ranging from children to seniors.

For tickets and more information, contact Temple Beth Orr, 2151 Riverside Dr. in Coral Springs at 954-753-3232 or go to

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