Warrant: Man shot ex-wife, fled in rental car

Joshua Pierre woke up to the sound of gunshots and his mother’s screams from outside the house.

He ran outside and found her on the ground by the palm tree on the front walkway. He also saw his father running away to a gray Toyota Corolla that was parked across the street, according to a search warrant.

Joseph Pierre, 64, was arrested in the early hours of Dec. 22 when he tried to return the rental car with a damaged rear bumper, a broken window and a cracked windshield — the result of a struggle to flee his ex-wife’s Coral Springs home.

Pierre tried to stop his father, throwing a brick through the passenger-side window and trying to jump through the window of the car, according to a police report.

When that didn’t work, he ran inside to get his car keys and chased after him. He also told his girlfriend, who was inside the home, to call 911.

She told police she saw her boyfriend’s mother lying at the front of the house, bleeding from her back, the warrant said.

Pierre caught up to his father at the community exit gate and rammed into the back of his father’s car. However, the gates opened and the man got away.

Pierre was still driving around the neighborhood looking for his father when police caught up to him.

He told detectives the car his father drove away in had been parked across the street when he got home around 9 p.m., the report said.

Meanwhile, his mother was taken to Broward Health North with two gunshot wounds to her upper body.

At the hospital, she told investigators she had just gotten home from work before 1 a.m. when she saw her ex-husband standing in front of her home, holding a gun and wearing a “partial mask.”

She turned away and ran to the house when she heard gunshots behind her. She pushed her ex-husband away when he got near her, but she fell.

She said her ex-husband had stood over her and fired shots at her. That’s when she started screaming in Creole and saw her son come out of the house, according to the warrant.

She told detectives that another son had mentioned to her that “he saw his father with a mask in his vehicle” the week before and that he “was researching how to shoot a handgun on Google.”

Police impounded the car when Pierre went to return it at Enterprise Car Rental in Lauderhill. He said the damage to the car happened in a crash around 4 a.m. that day, according to the warrant.

Pierre was charged with attempted murder and violating an injunction. He is being held at the Broward Main Jail without bond, records show.

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Article source: http://www.sun-sentinel.com/local/broward/parkland/fl-coral-springs-shooting-arrest-20160220-story.html

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